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Our News App lists mobile web and Apps News: use scenarios for mobile devices, case studies for business Apps, entertainment, education and cultural Apps. According to Gartner, the amount of mobile web Apps will grow 2014 and they will be as important as native Apps.

Mobile ViewThe content is divided into three categories; each has ist own view:

  • german mobile Apps, web Apps for private or business use;
  • web performance articles, tips on  performance optimization of a web site, including optimizations for mobile devices, mostly in english.
  • Apps and web sites from Romania.

A click on the bottom icons activates the corresponding view and the App loads the current content. The source of content is the social bookmarks site

Web Performance View

The mobile web App was programmed using HTML5 and JavaScript and was packaged using PhoneGap as a hybride App for Android. We are working on the hybrid iPhone version. Just follow this post using RSS here and get to know when the iPhone App will be available on AppStore !

Tip: If you don’t have a smartphone you can access the web version of the News App free from your web browser. Mozilla Firefox, IE from version 7, Chrome, Safari are supported. Please register here for our newsletter and you will receive the web link per Email !

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